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[Rework] Annet, the Hexmachina

This champion is a rework of Annet, the Goddess from the Machine, as part of an event in the /LoLChampConcepts discord channel.

Annet, the Hexmachina

Intended Role: Mage (Zone Control; Disruption)


(Reworked to better fit the Piltover aesthetic)
Annet is a work of Hextech art: a white feminine carapace trimmed with gold covering the cogs that whirr and rotate within her. These cogs are visible through openings in the shell, and a pair of them extend outside of her shell and form each of her shoulders. A large ring-like gear spins atop each of these pairs, housing a dense metal orb. Her arms are white metal and segmented, seemingly floating disconnected to each other but held together by the faint crackling of energy. Annet's entire lower half is a gyroscope, spinning to grant her mobility and to keep her balance. Annet's has only half a head: a perpetually smiling white mask that ends below what would be her nose. A cog with a Hextech Crystal in its center rises from behind this face place to form the rest of her 'head.'


(Reworked to reflect changes in League universe lore)
A hunched woman steps before the podium. Her hair is a tangled nest of grey strands, hastily tamed into propriety. This is the Bluewind Court, after all, Piltover's center of wealth. And, more importantly, the people who have it. She coughs and looks behind her. The curtain - crushed velvet, anything less would make her seem a beggar - is closed. The vestige sits silently behind it. She smiles and faces her audience. Her voice starts thin with disuse.
What I bring before you today is the complex result of a simple concept: that the world exists in terms of "is" and "not," "here" and "there," and "to" and "from."
"Is" and "not" come first. A thing exists, or it does not. It exists in a certain way, or it does not. The "maybe's" and "could be's" of the world are just illusion. Things only ever are, or are not.
Then comes "here" and "there." Surely our earliest ancestors knew this simple difference. The beast which was here was within reach; the beast which was there, which was far away, could not be hunted. This principle is not bound to those primitive efforts, of course. You, my esteemed guests, are here. The rabble are not.
She pauses. There's a cough. They didn't teach humor in workshops. She breathes sharply and continues.
And of course, from that simple acknowledgement came the questions of "to" and "from." How to affect whether something was 'there' or 'here,' or indeed how to exert our influence from our comfortable 'here' to the distant 'there.' From the crude spear to the modern Hextech armament, invention has largely pursued a singular aim: extending the reach of the inventor beyond themselves. And, as a result, the reach of a technology's wielder. Magic has permitted this for years, but that is buried in arcane spellwork and the frustrating "maybe's" and "could be's" that impede real investigation.
I propose, for your most generous and magnanimous, the solution. The first foray into bridging the gap between "here" and "there": a machine connected by Hextech crystal resonance channeled along the leyline network of the world to a vestige of itself. From within the safety of your own solarium, you could pilot a warrior in clashing with the Targonians, a laborer in the crystal mines, a sailor on the seas beyond Bilgewater. Be at every 'there,' without ever leaving 'here.'
She hobbles away from the podium, grabs the rope, and pulls. Just like she dreamed, the velvet curtain falls away and reveals the gleaming white shell and whirring cogs of her pride and joy. An audience member gasps and if she could only know to whom it belonged, she could die happy then and there. The inventor turns, throws her old arms out wide, and announces:
I give you, Annet!
The creation rolls forward, its lower half a series of gyroscopic rings that spin and wheel to grant it balance. Its perpetual smile sits below the rotating cog that forms its head and the gleaming Hex crystal in its center. It faces the crowd, silent. The inventor rubs her hands together. Lorvi is piloting the creation from the comfort of their office, several miles and social classes away.
Annet is an abbreviation, of course. The Animatronic Network Vestige is connected to a central control system elsewhere. The Hex crystal which powers it has been attuned to the control system's own magnetic charges transmitted through leylines. Through manipulation of these charges via a Hex crystal augmentation, the operator issues commands to Annet in the form of binary directives: "here" and "there," "to" and "from," and so on. The control panel comes equipped with a range of preset directives, and of course any interested buyer may customize the available directives to their hearts' content. Or should I say, their Hex core's content.
Still no laughs. Tough crowd. She steps in front of Annet and places her hand gently on the construct's cold shell.
The Hex technology powering Annet can result in excess energy, which Annet may expel in self-defense. This expulsion also enables Annet to interact with the world around it far beyond the normal muscle and sinew. No more will the workshop owner burden a dozen mundane automatons with the task of a relocating a thousand-ton hunk of scrap. Who here recalls that unfortunate business with the train last month? Explosions hither and yon and the city's automatons took ages to clear the rubble. Annet's magnetic interaction is powerful enough to do the labor of dozens through the simple principle of magnetic attraction and repulsion, enhanced by the Hextech core.
She holds up her hands, palms free of grease for the first time in months. She looks into the eyes of her audience members: some blue, some brown, one pair of cold slate grey looming over a pair of equally cold legs, bladed and sharp as ice.
Now, there remains only one question.
She sighs and bows, stepping aside to clear the way for Annet.
Who would like to be the first to pilot it?

Champion Kit

Annet’s basic attacks create bursts of electricity in an area around her target. Whenever one of her basic attacks strikes an enemy, it explodes in a 200 unit radius, dealing 25-205 (+.3AP) magic damage in an area around the target. Additionally, each enemy champion struck by the basic attack or its explosion becomes Positively Charged or Negatively Charged for 5 seconds, depending upon Annet’s current charge, stacking up to two times. This burst does not occur against the same primary target more than twice within 15 seconds.
A Positively Charged enemy who becomes Negatively Charged loses all stacks of Positively Charged, and vice versa. Annet gains 15/20/30/40% bonus movement speed per Charge stack towards enemies within 1000 units with a different charge than herself, or away from enemies with the same charge as herself, up to a maximum of 20/40/60/80%. Annet begins the game Positively Charged and cannot gain additional stacks of either Charge type beyond the first. Annet remains Charged permanently, but can switch her Charge type through the use of her Q.
Ability Information
Ability Type On-Hit Basic Attack Enhancer
Range 200 unit radius around target
Damage 25-205 (+.3 AP)
Enemy Charge Duration 5 seconds
Enemy Charge Stack Max 2
Self Charge Duration Permanent until changed
Self Charge Stack Max 1
Movement Speed Range 1000 units
Movement Speed Buff 10/20/30/40 per enemy stack, max 2 stacks
Q: Polarity Shift
Annet reverses the polarity of the Hextron flow within her form, releasing the energy in a target area. Enemies within this area are dealt 70/110/150/190/230 (+.5AP) magic damage and struck enemy champions receive a Charge stack of the same type as Annet. Then, this ability alters her current Charge type. An Annet who is Positive becomes Negative, and vice versa. | Ability Information | | | --- | --- | | Ability Type | Ground Targeted AoE | | Cast Range | 800 | | Radius | 250 | | Damage | 70/110/150/190/230 (+.5 AP) | | Cooldown | 14/13/12/11/10/9 | | Mana Cost | 60/65/70/75/80 |
W: Magnetic Orb
Annet generates stacks of Magnetic Orb over 30 seconds, capping at 2 stacks.
Annet consumes a stack of Magnetic Orb and hurls a dense metal orb towards a target area. The Orb is permanently Charged with the Charge type Annet has when she activates this ability. Positive Orbs are colored blue, while Negative Orbs are colored red. Upon landing, the Orb deals 100/130/160/190/220 (+.3AP) to all enemies in the area. The Orb remains on the field for 10 seconds or until Annet retrieves one by touching it. Picking up an Orb reduces the stack generation time by 10 seconds.
1.5 seconds after the Orb lands, the Orb will launch itself as a skillshot towards the nearest enemy champion within 800 units that has a different Charge type than the Orb. The Orb always launches itself the full 800 units, unless it collides with terrain. The Orb is capable of missing. Enemy units struck by the ball are deat half of the ball’s original damage and are knocked aside. The Orb may continue to launch itself towards Charged enemy champions for as long as its duration lasts.
Ability Information
Ability Type Ground Targeted AoE -> Projectile Pass-Through Skillshots
Cast Range 700
Initial Damage 100/130/160/190/220 (+.3 AP)
Subsequent Damage 50% of initial damage
Knockback Distance 100 units
Orb Hitbox Radius 100
Orb Charge Detection Range 800 units
Orb Subsequent Launch Range 800 units
Orb Duration 10 Seconds
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Recharge Time 30 seconds (reducible with Cooldown Reduction)
Mana Cost 80/85/90/95/100
E: Magnetic Lock
Annet channels a beam of energy between herself and a targeted enemy for up to 3 seconds. If Annet and target enemy have different types of Charge, the enemy is dealt 30/40/50/60/70 (+.2AP) magic damage each second and is slowed by 30%. If Annet and target enemy have the same type of Charge, the beam ends immediately and the enemy is knocked back 300 units.
Ability Information
Ability Type Enemy-Targeted Tether
Cast Range 500
Tether Range 700
Tether Duration 3 seconds or until terminated
Tether Damage 30/40/50/60/70 (+.2AP) per second
Tether Slow 30%
Knockback Distance 300 units
Cooldown 12 seconds
Mana Cost 85
R: Gravi-Surge
Annet roots herself and extends her cogwork arms in a cone for up to two seconds, increasing the size of the cone the longer she charges the ability. Annet can continue to channel her E as she charges this ability.
When Annet has fully charged this ability or when she casts it prematurely, she releases a wave of energy in a cone. Enemies struck by this ability who have the same charge type as Annet are knocked up for 2 seconds. Enemies struck by this ability who have a different Charge type than Annet receive 20/30/40% (+1% per 50 AP) increased damage from Annet for the same duration. Additionally, any Orbs in the area automatically hurl themselves away from or towards the nearest enemy champion with the same or different Charge type, respectively, as the individual Orbs.
Ability Information
Ability Type Charged Cone AoE
Cone Angle 60 degrees
Cone Length 300 - 1000 units
Knockup Duration 2 seconds
Damage Amplification 20/30/40% (+1% per 50 AP)
Damage Amplification Duration 2 seconds
Cooldown Reduction 120/100/80 seconds

Brief Gameplay Discussion

From the original concept, I wanted to retain the idea that Annet is just an extension of a remote operator or system, and that Annet is reliant upon the application of Charge marks to enemies and herself in order to function optimally. I also wanted to keep her as a zone-control focused mage, though I've taken something of a different direction in getting there.
Annet can deal damage, if the stars align, but her primary goal is to disrupt the enemy team through her W and Ult, using her Q to facilitate strategic Charge decisions and her E to afford her some amount of simplistic safety when the complexity of the rest of her kit isn't appropriate.
The ideal Annet uses her passive's movement speed buffs to dance on the outside of her opponents' effective ranges, manipulating Charge types with Q to direct W's powerful CC potential. In teamfights, the chaos of her W and the minor protection afforded by her E give Annet enough time to charge up an impressive ult and decisively end a teamfight.
Counterplay to Annet is mostly centered in the successful dodging of her W. Because the Orb always moves a set distance and there is a set time between movements, a wise enemy can dodge an Orb and be out of range before it would move again. By denying Annet the value of her controlled spaces - like escaping the charging cone of her ult or moving beyond terrain when she has an Orb active - the enemy reduces Annet's available options and forces her to make rapid choices in Charge application, detrimental to the strategy needed to play optimally.
submitted by Coleridge12 to LoLChampConcepts [link] [comments]

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